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“If you believe anything can happen — and probably will — you’re smart. But with so much riding on your direct mail marketing, you have to be smart enough to put professionals to work who strive toward zero tolerance for errors. And finding those professionals is really as easy as ABC.”

Quality Control — The Devil's In The Details

ABC Mailers, Inc. offers you rigid quality control standards, systems and personnel to ensure accuracy at every stage.

Your Direct Mail Campaign has to be perfect. Beyond the format, copy and design, how your mailing looks and what it ultimately contains when it arrives is critical. When all is said and done, quality control is key. Without it, you’re at risk for costly losses — including your company’s image and reputation.

Our dedication to quality and accountability is your assurance.

We have systems and personnel in place at every step to ensure highest quality without sacrificing time and money.


After sign offs have been approved, each Operator must pull a sample from each personalized carton or batch of forms. Form codes and Key codes are carefully checked. The cartons or batches are re-labeled with the Form codes and Key codes.


Each carton is clearly marked with the Form code and Key code. Each Operator checks the first piece out of each carton to ensure that the Form code and Key code match to the job order. As the Operator folds the forms, a tray slip is placed in each tray to identify each tray with the project title, code and tray number.


A fully approved sample of the package it is given to the mechanic to appropriately configure the inserter. All materials are double-checked and the insertion begins.


Samples are pulled at specified time intervals. The General Quality Controller checks the piece with the job order to make sure it is correct.


Our Production Office personnel also check the QC sample against the job order. Upon request, these QC samples are shipped to the client.

IMPORTANT: To help prevent the loss of viable names to the quality control process, all quality control samples pulled for review and approval are re-run and returned to your mailing if you request a 100% mailing.

Exacting quality control is essential to the success and security of your mailing — as well as your company’s image. Ensuring that level of quality control is as simple as ABC.

What the world says about quality and control
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