high-speed personalization equipment

“Where do YOU toss mail addressed to “Occupant”? Exactly! If you really want to break through, you must personalize your message as much as possible. And, take it from me — no matter what your personalization needs may be — you can make it as easy as ABC.”

Personalization Capabilities To Help You Cut Through Mailbox Clutter

With ample data, “personalization” has expanded far beyond name, address, date and letter salutation. Your target prospect’s appropriate personal information can be expertly integrated into your marketing vehicle for ultimate response impact.

ABC Mailers, Inc. offers you an ever-expanding menu of up-to-date technological options that can make your mailing more appealing and effective through personalization.

Our equipment and software are regularly updated and upgraded to offer you virtually any personalization service you may require. Only our outstanding personal service and quality remain constant.


The enduring individual feel of a personally typed envelope and letter may be uniquely appealing to a number of market segments. ABC Mailers offers you up-to-date automated impact-printed personalization that can be ideal for your small to moderate quantity needs.

Our Impact Printing capability offers 150 Character Print Positions … 1200 Lines Per Minute … as well as a Post Net Bar Code Print Band to maintain postal efficiencies.


Our Ink Jet Printing capabilities offer you greater speed and an array of style options for any mailing type or quantity.

From an envelope “teaser” message … through a personalized note or letter … and on to a personalized response vehicle our higher-speed standard or high-resolution ink jet printing can do more to bring your message to life.


For ultimate speed, quality, flexibility, as well as format and imaging options, ABC Mailers offers you a full list of 300 or 600 DPI laser printing capabilities.

This level of production enables us to handle both simplex (one-side) and duplex (two-sided) printing and personalization. We can accommodate various form sizes and offer fan-fold or roll-to-roll form feeding.


You can use our sheet-fed laser to get the high-quality look for smaller volume mailing on sheet-fed printed letters, applications or forms that are 8 ½" x 11" or 8 ½" x 14" forms and either simplex or duplex.


Whether your mailing requires basic or intricate variable data-driven personalization, we believe we have exactly what you need. And we’ll make it all as easy as ABC.


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