high-speed affixing equipment

“What goes around comes around. For greater value perception, involvement, or pure tactile substance adding cards or various types of labels and seals are back as response boosters. But, with rising production costs and a greater potential waste, you have to use the best affixing services. And, that’s as easy as ABC.”

Add Response Boosting Action Devices To Your Mailing Effort

Cards, labels and seals can add an interesting dimension of value or involvement to your mailing. Labeling and tab sealing can help reduce your costs. But without the expert affixing capabilities ABC Mailers, Inc. offers, they can all increase the potential for waste and unnecessary expense.

ABC Mailers, Inc. offers you the experience, equipment and systems to do it all quickly and on budget!


For many product, service, membership and fund-raising solicitations, the tried-and-true plastic and rigid paper cards cycle up and down as serious response boosters. But to reap the bottom-line ROI benefit of increased response, it’s essential to keep your affixing costs and waste potential to a minimum. ABC Mailers is your best bet for precision in-line affixing, state-of-the-art quality control, and bottom-line cost savings.


Image- and message-bearing labels and seals — strategically placed either inside or outside of your mailing — add impact to your message and cost to your mailing. Just like cards, it’s vital to keep your production cost, affixing cost and waste potential to the bare minimum. ABC Mailers is once again your best choice for precise in-line affixing, state-of-the-art quality control, and bottom-line cost savings.


For folding postcards and self-mailers, tabs and seals offer you a cost-saving alternative to glue for mailing within current postal regulations AND meeting your markets’ demand for privacy. Your best choice for affixing tabs and seals where you want or need them to be — and all at a savings? You guessed it — ABC Mailers.

From card affixing to simple wafer sealing — you can make it as cost-efficient and as easy as ABC.


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